You Broke Me Just Fine

You Broke Me Just FIne

The time was up
there were no more excuses.
Where things went wrong;
I could never fathom.
Three years
and I still ended up empty.
Time healed nothing,
at least not me.
It took you less time to ghost away
the seven years that meant
so much to, apparently, only me.

It stung thinking
how I waited for months.
For the salvation
which had never come.
I overestimated where I stood
in the grand scheme of things
filled with nothing but your fraud.

That time,
I only had myself to blame
for being so naive to believe
you were genuine.
A part of me was a little thankful, though,
to have gotten a life-lesson
from a monster like you.

I’d always wondered how it felt
to be so righteous
to have thought
you have done the right thing.
Every single person you promised to protect
you’ve screwed in many ways.
Too late now,
what a shame;
you didn’t live up to any virtue.
You should’ve dropped your games.

After dragging your name through the mud
you did me too.
Shame on me I had all my excuses
ready for you.
How I overlooked such,
I had no words;
pure disappointment for allowing
myself to be one of your tools.

Calling you bad
would be a huge understatement.
Manipulative liar
didn’t even begin to cover it.
All those times,
I never realized,
I had looked the devil in the eyes
and dined in his banquets
all filled with maggots and flies.

Every single time,
I had gone willingly.
How angelic
of me to have never looked
beyond your buffet.
Didn’t you call me an angel
and then I blushed?
I let you put my wings on
then you cut them off – on a flight.

As I was crashing towards earth,
all I could think
was how to survive.
You took a huge part
of me I could never take back.
You left me dry
I could barely look at my self in the mirror.
Smart as I was,
I had not been the sharpest in the drawer.

I never asked for help
because there had been nobody.
You made me feel
you were the only help
I could ever need for eternity.
I mustered the strength
to gather all my broken pieces.
As the sun set on me
I bowed my head and cried for mercy.

It rained mercilessly that night
the downpour never stopped.
I hoped for a stranger to come
to take me through the night.
Somebody did
but I was too damaged to tell.
As the sun rose
I only had my broken pieces to share.

You could never put my pieces back together
even if you tried
as I crawled for life;
when you left me in the desert
without a drop of water to survive.
So, when the lies and the promises
were as louder and as bland,
you broke me just fine, honey,
you broke me just fine!

I walked through life
with my wounds still bleeding;
healing myself in the process
only you had to blame.
So look at me now,
the angel that you never knew;
could still point out every single piece
of me I had learned to sew.

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