Fly high, my butterfly
When the flowers bloom, and the wind calls
While the sun shines, and the meadow sings
Beneath the fluffy white clouds
You spread your wings
And marvel at the colors you see below
Of the flowers, the trees, the grasses, the river, the doe

In every garden, smell the roses
In the absence of the scents, beauty arises
The daisies, the lavenders, the jasmine, the sage
Feel the petals, caress them with all your softness

Fly, my butterfly, fly high
Let the colors of your wings be seen
Across the valleys, throughout the plains
Let them talk about your beauty
Allow them to be awed by your dreams

Fly to the farthest mountains
Scour the farthest gardens
Let not fear stop you from crossing the clearing
And when children wave as you soar above them
Picture their happiness,
They’ll put you in drawings

Fly, fly high, my butterfly
When your wings tire, you rest awhile
In the warmth of my palms, take your shelter
In the scent of my shoulder, dry your tears
When the rain comes, find haven in my dreams
When thunder roars, I’ll cover your ears
And I’ll make your safe
I’ll protect you from your fears
Until the sun shines and your tears are dry
Fly, my butterfly, fly very high

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