Good At Not Caring

Finally, I am in the point of my life where
I have a lower tolerance for projections of insecurities and overthinking
I am done with loyalty being measured by the speed of text responses
And I have no room for you telling me to avoid certain people
Because me befriending them makes you uncomfortable

Good Game

Unless we are another kind of a game,
The one you call special
The one where you think you are good at but lose every single time
Are we the kind where “Good game!” is where it boils down?
You only choose the game you can win
But no, not this time

I Should Have Told You That I Loved You More

I Should Have Told You That I Loved You More

Time had been as cruel too
As I always saw your face
In the unfamiliar crowd, I found myself into
In many instances,
I couldn’t place the voice I was hearing with the person I knew
The pursuit of happiness had been harder
But we never thought it would be that hard
In the pursuit of our dreams,
We had to let go of each other’s hands