I, I heard the news and it wasn’t fun
Your hands on my waist, me thinking you’re the one
Your lips whispering all I want to hear
Me smelling the perfume you wear
Us knowing that we belong to each other
But I heard the news I can’t play by ear
You got a girlfriend, she’s on the way down here

No, can’t be a mistake, we feel too right
You’re looking at me like I’m a marvelous sight
I’m longing for you even when you’re near
Too good to be true, but the feelings got real

Do you feel you when you’re with her?
With all those years, does she make you better?
When you need someone, is she the first thing that comes to mind?
When you’re sad and lonely and needy, do you see her hand?

Because, damn boy, you deserve so much more
You’ve got dreams and passion and will that can’t be ignored
And I hope she sees it the way I do
If not, I hope you can work it out, you two

Cause you, you could have ended it, you always have a chance
But you didn’t, I don’t believe you can
And I have to work with what I have
Like a clear mind and a will to act
Cause I, I always have a choice
My freedom’s never been hooked to yours

And I, I’m not good with illicit affairs
I deserve more than your stolen stares
I don’t tolerate what’s bad for me
Don’t want a man, starting wrong and shady

So you, you can rest your hand down from my waist
Keep your lips tight ‘till the devil can’t hear it
You’ll keep guessing whose perfume I smell on weekends
And keep thinking if I belong to someone else
‘Cause I, I can’t be a part of this fun
I can stop thinking you’re the one
This news, I don’t wanna play it by ear
You got a girlfriend, she’s coming way down here

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