Don’t Give Up On Me

You, you swooped in so fast as soon as his promises faded
Candled out the darkness that almost ate my likeness
He shoved me for the dark but you saw my light
Cradled my spark until my flames burst through the night

You, you did all that, now I shine so bright
I saw where I faded and you slowly patched them up

In the desert, you stayed and never left
Through the downpour, you stormed and swam and paddled

You, you did all that, now I’m cuddled and dry
In your embrace, I feel the warmth
In this city, I am loved

And I do, I wanna stay
By your side, when it gets hard, I’ll never leave
I’ve always needed you more
Than you have needed me
And you were always there
You never failed

And I see you
I always do

And I always say…

Don’t give up on me, please, I am trying my best
Don’t give up on me, I’m still fixing the damages he left
You’ve seen me at my worst, what an unpleasant sight
Please help me not make the same mistake, never twice

Don’t give up on me, I have never been this happy in so long
Nobody has made me smile brighter than you do now
You have no idea, you’re keeping me from falling apart
Don’t give up on me, I’d keep repeating that from the start

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