One “sorry” and everything changes
the squares back to July twelfth rearrange
It’s never the same but
here we are again
trying to tie loose ends
We’ve read this story before
and we’re trying to change the ending

They say the second time around is better
They also say how we ended the first time
will be the same how we would eventually end
I don’t know who to believe
but with you, I feel so light
I don’t know who to trust
but here I am by your side

Mistakes were made
And blames were thrown
Yet we see ourselves, hard-headed and grown
You, across the dining table, feel so right
I wake up in your bed, making me feel tight

I haven’t seen that smile for a long time
And now it’s the first thing I see in the morning
It never felt long
It never felt wrong

But do we know what we’re doing?
We don’t
But who does?
Who got this figured out?
Who got us figured out?
It can’t be the heavens
We are an ungodly mess

But I like this
I can live with us
I don’t want to feel helpless with you not around

All I know is
As I walk every day in my routinary life
I miss you
And it makes me miss you more every time I think how much I miss you

And when I close my eyes, you’re all I see
And sometimes I dream…
That there you are again in your Adidas shirt
Standing in the atrium waiting for me
I wave and walk straight to you
You smile as you run your fingers through your hair, like you always do
You walk fast towards me, take my hand, and whisper, “Let’s go”.

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