Good Game

The stakes are always high, we both have seen it
Feeling giddy and excited the hands wanted the play
Currency is feelings, we know from the start
But when the dice start rolling, I see a flash of doubt in your eyes

Surrounded by your friends, your game keeps going
You lay all the rules and I am careful not to break them
We have got an audience, this is new to me
But playing in your field is not short of any familiarity

I wonder if your friends know everything about me
Because my friends, they don’t even know that you existed, really
Can’t blame me for being so careful
Right from the start, you have been nothing but trouble

So mope all you want and believe your story
The game that you have set we have come to play
Gone are the days when you have to hide your best card
How this will go down is to fight to have the upper hand

Unlike that song about immortality which is everything but stupid
I try to picture me with you but I couldn’t
We are not to live forever and
We shouldn’t waste any time
If we are not a game,
There shouldn’t have been a straight flush in my crime

Unless we are another kind of a game,
The one you call special
The one where you think you are good at but lose every single time
Are we the kind where “Good game!” is where it boils down?
You play only the game you can win
But no, not this time

How I am able to comprehend your language makes me wanna vomit
This does not make me any cooler, not a tiny bit
While you’re not a good gamer but more of a real-life player
I’ve brought enough strategies to know which one of us is the better loser

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