I Survived You

No, it’s not my fault to have loved you
But it was yours to have left me like that
Nobody was stopping you, but you stooped so low
You had to just go
You didn’t have to be vile
You just had to make a draw

But I loved you, I did
I was willing to fight ‘till death
It scared me but I jumped
And hit rock bottom, dead on the spot
You weren’t there, you didn’t even try

There were times that I asked God
To help me unlove you because it hurt so bad
I bathed in hurt until it hurt a little less
I cried through hell until there were no tears left

And I survived you
I knew I would but didn’t know how
I had to figure it out
And I survived you
It wasn’t easy but I did
You were cruel but I endured
The scars remain but the hurt is gone
I feel new; I feel free
Now, I see your face and only think
How I survived you

It took a lot of courage
I shed a lot me
And this new person is someone you’ll never see
No more hurt, no more love
No more hate, no more sadness
Not a feeling for you left, only indifference

And it feels rewarding
It feels so nice
To have survived you, I thought I would drown
But I didn’t
How about that?

I survived you
And I made it out and never going in again
I remember only the pain whenever I hear your name
But I never feel you anymore
And I owe it to myself
To close your chapter with your nonexistent apology stamped on it!

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