once is enough but i want you too much
two bodies on the floor; our clothes fly everywhere
third strike and we go all out
four o’clock ’till morn, the whole town hears our moans

it feels good, tastes like how a rebound should
me in your bed with only your plaid shirt on, thinking of him
you lying in your Calvin Kleins, dreaming of her

you went traveling, trying to get over
been to so many places, tasted every dish
how was it?
did it make any difference?
you never wanted more
you find yourself back home
then i find you ringing my phone

i distracted my self with shopping
hoping my need for him be satisfied by them
everywhere i looked there was nothing i wanted
i went back to your embrace and woke up in your bed

we worship our heartbreaks like it’s a new religion
we spend the nights like they’re our new passion
you and i heard this story before
and we both know where this ends
but endings are overrated they can mean not a thing
in our haven, there can be no rules
on how we lick each other’s wounds

yeah, there are no rules, babe
they don’t apply to how we survive this
as long as we see each other the same
and find each other tangled in same sheets
you’re not mine and i’m not yours
we belong to no one, not in this temporary abode
where every corner is traveled
every inch has been wandered
where the sounds of our names are never the same
and the touches of our hands are familiar but always different

we feel good, taste like how a rebound should
and there are no rules, babe
and tonight we break no laws

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