“Hey”, is all I know how to say
It’s lame and shallow, I’m allowed to be those
Only to you
I figure it out that much

Why would you have to treat me better now?
When I’m doing fine
You’d show me that I deserve more than any clowns
I get no choice but to give you credit
I see you trying and I can’t turn the other cheek

You realize you love me only after you saw me loving him more
I bet you’re happy it didn’t work out with him
Cause now you’re upping your game,
I’m not even complaining
This, I haven’t seen before
The version of you that’s better and mature

Hey, this is temporary
What are we gonna do
But live this time until the sand runs out?
It sure will run out, we do not know when
Still, stay seated next to me
Let me rest my head on your shoulder
I’m packing up all my shame
I’d take all the blame

Are we wasting our time?
I don’t feel like I do
Do you?

I’m scared where my mind wanders sometimes
Seeing the possibilities I shouldn’t think about
Am I seeing more than what is in front of me?
Or are we going back to the things we used to be?
Where things I already forgot you remind me of
And the laughs we used to share
I forget you still remember

The way you talk about them, it’s as if they happened yesterday
Every single piece of memory, still as fresh as any
What else do you remember that I don’t?
What else is there I read more which I shouldn’t?
Speak now because we are a ticking bomb
When we go off and blast we’ll be stunning everyone

Time is running out, I can feel it in my bones
You feel it too, I know, what are we gonna do?
So many questions, we aren’t brave enough to answer
So many uncertainties, trying is the only way to go farther

But time, oh time, we can only wish a pause for a little while
If only it works when we hold our breaths
My head on your shoulder, riddle me this:
Will you miss me when I leave?
Please miss me…
Oh, here’s a thought:
Let’s do something crazy
Will you run away with me?
Yeah, you heard me right the first time, baby.

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