You came when I least expected it
With your eyes and your mystery and your guitar strings, you’re perfect
The heavens made the stars align and birthed
Two earth signs, at the exact point of time destined to meet

Speak to me, can’t you see, we’re fated
The red thread of fate, our fingers connected
Sapphire flames forged our beginnings
Our futures set in stone
Our names floating in the wind, calling
Come find your home

Your lips on my forehead, your name on my breath
Our country blocks our “I dos”, but we shouted
The way we said them, God has intended

It was magical, it was emancipating
As the dove fluttering with the wind, celebrating
Our fingers spelled “destiny”, our usual way
Our hearts beat, together with the drums of thunder
Our gaze sparkles, like the stars in the galaxy
Two specks of dust, ordained to eternity

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