summer getaway

it happened just like that, never marking any beginning
all we knew was that that summer we had our eyes on each other
careful at first ’till it was time to be careless
under the sweating sun, we never heard of ‘brakes’
nobody saw us coming, full speed ahead
no iceberg hit but we sank like the Titanic

you were my summer getaway
i had you all summer long
you’d pick up on the first ring of my call
and you’d be there standing in my door

nobody noticed the little things about you like I did
the way you brushed your fingers through your hair
the way your raven eyes lingered
i couldn’t get over the smell of your Adidas shirt
it smelled of innocence, of indecisiveness, and never of commitment
we had each other that summer
and we drove each other insane
but we never kept scores

we were our summer getaway
we made us laugh but we never stayed
driving all day, kissing on the driveway
but breaking up by nightfall

we fell back on the same patterns but hated the norm
we used to dine on the farthest table before settling on ones near the door
dead set on nothing in particular
never crashing any waves
we rode on them until summer was gone
but we had our fun
and it didn’t last long

you had your summer getaway
never realising you had me all summer high
i swore to be there with you
until i wasn’t your summer anymore

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