Summer’s Gone

Summer’s coming, the heat starts to wave
In this dry city where everything has changed
Still every corner in every alley smells the same
Even when the memories that linger have been slowly washed away by the rains

Unlike every summer of the years past,
The last is the worst you wish you never had
Like a phantom, you can only dream, but it not happening
You close your eyes and the monsters in the alleys start to come alive again

From here on out every summer to come will be an uphill battle
Not the best time for a climb but got that only choice to suffer
It should have been simple but got sideways complicated
With summer’s gone, nothing is as easy as nothing has been salvaged

You can only think back and remember how it all comes together
From the inconsistencies to the lack of validations, it has been very clear
That it was the time of the year where he laid his massive plans
And if you’re not any part of it, you better run as far as you can

Like all his other summers where the skies are clear and blue
He gives a piece to everybody as though he needs to make it so
But when you feel like you deserve more than the piece of summer in his hand
He’ll cancel you out then blame you for all that he has done

He has allies too to give him the pat in the back he, from time to time, needs
They will think they’re cool because they always gather in many cooler places
Too frequent than not you see them walk by your alley in the city
Bringing more infamy than they realize they convey

While summer is as ripe and as tasteful like any time of the year
He can care less because that was what he had always done
Making the season all about him not being a part of your plans
What a joke, when his plans have excluded you since they began

You and he should stop pretending that it is all a mystery
When while you were by his side he acted like the silhouette of shady
He can’t expect you to stand your ground because he made you his summer stopover
While being an unrespected notch in his belt adjusted only for supper

You’ll easily get used to being not by his side
Even when he was near he made you wonder where he was at
You have made it out of his playground, carefully set up that summertime
Give yourself a break and not allow him to break you in two again this time around

The season is canceled because it reminds you of so many wrong things
What you do know is, in every sense of it all, you have never mattered to him
He can’t genuinely think that that summer had been the best there is
Knowing him, don’t you ever believe the facade he is suited

Know once again that that summer’s gone and all the consolation you have
Is the truth that you are right about him from the start
Remember how you know him that summer like the absolute faux
Now, don’t ever let another summer get ruined by the same unapologetic foe

They’ll come once again like they always do
Summers never end, unlike the two of you
Every year the season commences trying to get over the worst of memories
So keep hoping that, sometime in the future, when you think of summers, you’ll be thinking of joyful melodies

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