I was never the one you needed
Until you miss me a little bit too late
There is no undo in the board
There are only the jumbling of the ghost keys, unheard

We can’t keep misunderstanding
It’s better to start talking when we stop hurting
Until then, we can only dream
If destiny permits, we’ll feel something
But now let’s live our life healing
So as not to hurt each other again

We’ve got so much growing to do
We’re the nightmares our friends never asked for
We’ve talked shit to them about each other
If that’s love, all the wrongs are we doing
Showed you how I can live without you
Treated me how little you care
Yeah, we did it wrong
Now, we only have ourselves to blame for hurting

We can count one, two, three years
I am not against you finding somebody else
If that’s the way we’re healing
That’s the direction we’re heading

I know you, you’d probably weighed your options
I don’t blame you
You can’t always live with the hurt I’ve caused

I look at somebody and think whether he’d hurt me too
It’s not fair
I can’t punish somebody else for what you did

We’d keep going back to square one
With the same ending every goddamn time
Shattered dreams and broken hopes
We shouldn’t have considered a second chance
The deafening silence is left in our ghastly gore
We should only talk when we’re not hurting anymore

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