Touch Me

Touch me like he never did before
Like I always wanted to be touched by him
Like the touch, I now can only dream

Trace my lips with your fingertips
Make them linger as though we have all the time in the world
As though the only things that matter are my lips and your touches

Run your kisses on my neck
Kiss them gently like you’ve never kissed somebody else
Make me feel special like I’m yours

Tickle my ribs with your tongue
Gently kiss each counting to twenty-four
Then, devour me like you do the icecream in a cone

Go back up, kiss me passionately
Bite my tongue softly looking at me
Let your hands wander to territories, not yours

You can own my body for a moment
Treat me like I deserve without pause
Make my supple body squirm like a worm

Tonight we’re free but you are my commander
Tonight I surrender for a swift moment of delight
Tonight, only to you, I allow my cards to fall

I can tell you exactly how to do me
But tonight I’ll stop
And let you show me how you do it

Touch me with all the permissions I can give
Own me for the night, unapologetically
Do all you want with my body…

Now, let me kiss you in all places you’ve kissed me
I can always do more if you permit
Like you just did, let me do what I want with your body

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