Walk Me Home

You look at me and you notice
How my face goes blank when his name comes up
You’d steer the conversation
To something that makes me laugh
You’d tell me things I haven’t heard before
And I’d listen intently mesmerized at your lore

I love how you are very comfortable
How easily you can speak your soul
How you make me see through you
And I see a genuine person, I do

You walk me home
And we are talking and laughing all the way
We talk about the present like we know what we’re doing
We don’t, and who knows what matters
As I am home, all I know is I can get used to this feeling

I hope this lasts
Hope this feeling never goes away
Where we are standing,
I hope bushes never grow
I have been walking home all alone
before you came
And I never miss it with you around
I like it better than any shotgun rides
Better than any back rides

I remember how we are on sidewalks
You always walk beside me
You’re on the side where the vehicles pass by
You’d say that I’ll be safer that way
And I blush and feel how I am so lucky

Like the children playing on the streets,
you jump as you talk
And you talk about how your day went by
like it was not a routine
broken by the spontaneity of us walking together.
If only we can stretch this Wednesday afternoon
We can only take the longest route on our way home
The week can take even longer
So long as I walk home with you to make each day even brighter

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