What is Love?

Love ain’t complicated
I know it isn’t
It comes so easily
And it lingers undoubtedly

Love is mutual
It always is
It is not that you only give
Love also notes that you receive
It doesn’t exist just one way
That’s what love is primarily

So, it’s not your fault
That you don’t love me as I love you
So don’t force yourself
‘Cause it won’t be fair to me
‘Cause I can love you that easily
And you have to think twice about loving me

Don’t worry
That’s how it works
The love that you can’t give
I know I’ll get from somebody else
The love that I give you freely
I can also give to someone else

So don’t stress it
I know I will be fine
You know you will be fine
We know we will be fine

Just as I only give love that I am so sure
I only accept love as equally pure
And I deserve only the best
Because only that is what I give

While everyone else has their ideas of love,
This is what I truly believe…

Love doesn’t make you question yourself
It doesn’t make you reevaluate your worth
It paints a clearer picture every single time
And adds value to your already worthwhile life
Love is not the storm
It is the calm
It is the understanding
Always the compromise

Love grows, but it also ends
Love makes everything right
But it is not everything

Love is not letting the other die for you
It is the unending battle that you both fight to survive
Love completes you
It doesn’t rip you apart

Love may not have all the answers
But it doesn’t make you question it
Most importantly, it doesn’t make you ask,
Something stupid like, “What is love?”

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