Where Do We Go From Here?

Tell me, oh, so clearly
From where I stand, the coast where you left is hazy
But the sun is rising, another day
Waiting for the coast to clear
With your smell drifting away
Yet the horizon remains to be seen
Unsure if I see you standing there
So, baby, where do we go from here?

Waiting, legs tired, and hope draining
Second-guessing whether I should turn my back and start running
Don’t know what to do
My feet nailed to the plank
I can neither jump nor go back up

If you can hear me from there, what do you think?
Shout me what you want to hear
I don’t know where to go
Where do we go from here?

It’s unfortunate, you can’t go back
You see the coast but the world has stopped
Our destinies have been made
Not by us but by the stars
The tide rising, kissing the shore
Seagulls flying, diving for the crumbs
Swift and messy but never hitting the pavement
So much for planning a few steps ahead

The boat you took returned with not a scratch
Nothing is etched, not the goodbyes you never left
The poor vessel is taking all the hate
Not feeling something, not the regret you never felt
Never knowing the good years that turned to shreds

The wind is picking up, blowing all that’s left of you
From the distance, a paddling silhouette’s getting nearer
A ghost from the past, a phantom that never lasted
Looks so real now, familiar in all its visible edges

The sun is high and the tide rises
On the sand you wrote, all your promises
Now slowly vanishes, washed away by the waves
A clean slate you never gave was all that’s left
And there’s nothing that resembles you
Even just a tiny bit

Still standing where you left me, in this familiar shore
Afraid of your touches, no, no more promises
But I know in my heart, your name still lingers
The cards are stacked, baby, a deck there in your corner
Tell me honestly, where do we go from here?

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